The Ndebele Tribe's influence on Fashion by Petronella Tayamika Mahachi

I don't know about you but as for me. I have a big thing for colour. Give me anything colourful even in the middle of winter and I'm made up. Don't you just love the vibrant colours and geometry of the Ndebele art? We have seen how the Ndebele tribal prints have influenced fashion from clothes  to accessories. The Ndebele prints have been used in fashion in the past and will continue to be used in the future. With the growing success and immense interest of the resort collections on the runways we are sure to see more of these patterns on fashion items. Celebrities including Kimora Lee Simmons have been spotted in Ndebele influenced textile prints.

The Ndebele Tribe's influence on Fashion
My favourite inspired design has to be the very stylish and eccentric Christian Louboutin heels made very desirable by Alicia Keys. Frankly speaking any pair of Louboutins will be just perfect for me, but the Ndebele inspired ones are exceptionally exquisite. I know you all agree.
Visit the official Christian Louboutin website for more extremely adorable heels. Just click on the Ndebele Print below.

Just in case you are wondering what this Ndebele tribe is all about. I'll tell you a little bit about it. Being a native of Zimbabwe myself I am lucky enough to have had Ndebele history on the curriculum.The Ndebele tribe originated from Zimbabwe and South Africa. The history of the Ndebele tribe can be traced back to the 1600's. This tribe adorned themselves with a variety of ornaments including multiple rings,neck hoops,neck pieces,leg and arm bands, five fingered beaded aprons and the marriage blanket as shown below.
Ndebele art has always played a key role in the lives of the Ndebele tribe. This form of self expression gave the tribe its individuality and a sense of self worth. Sculptures where also created by women to express themselves.
The back and side of the tribe's houses was usually adorned with colourful and geometric designs. The artists also used earth colours in addition to the more vibrant colours.

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